Spring 2024 Grant Awards 

SEF is pleased to announce 14 grant award winners for the spring 2024 school year which totaled $3,417 in funding. These grants are given to district teachers for use in the classroom, and other school areas. We thank all applicants who sought funding, and look forward to hearing how your students are using these items in our schools.

Some items purchased during this cycle include plants and gardening materials for the Wildlife Conservation Club at Cosgrove Middle School (pictured above). Other items include workshop materials, flashlights to aid in study of light, and a SEL-based learning program called 'A Little Spot of Feelings'. 

Spring 2023 Grant Awards

The Spencerport Education Foundation is pleased to announce 6 grant award winners for the spring 2023 school year which totaled $1,377 in funding. SEF received grant proposals from district teachers to provide supplemental resources to enrich and enhance student learning. 

Some of the items purchased for student learning include:

June 16, 2022 

SEF announces spring grant awards 

The Spencerport Education Foundation is pleased to announce 15 grant award winners for the spring  2022 school year which totaled $3,400 in funding. SEF received project applications from district teachers to provide supplemental resources to enrich and enhance student learning.  The grants support district initiatives in the areas of Blended Learning and Wellness while aligning with the  SEF’s mission and vision. Awards were selected based of their alignment with SEF goals, SCSD  initiatives, and the merits of the application. 

To ensure students are prepared for the challenges of the twenty-first century, the Spencerport Education  Foundation funds innovative programs and services that supplement and are outside the normal operations of the Spencerport School District. Spencerport Education Foundation awards monies that do the following: 

• Provide an innovative and unique educational opportunity for a classroom or program in grades K-12

• Augment the curriculum being offered by the district in grades K-12 through curriculum enhancements. 

• Contribute to extra-curricular activities that benefit district programs. 

Spring 2022 Grant Awards included purchasing items for classrooms such as:

Headphone sets, SEL Books, a play workshop center, awareness signs for an anti-drug and alcohol campaign, rolling stands for band equipment, alphabet book kits, picture and audio books, and yoga mats. 

15 teachers from Spencerport schools received this funding to purchase the items listed above. 

Fall 2021 Award Recipients

This fall we received many applications for funding, and are proud to share photos of the different supplies teachers were able to purchase with these funds. This funding is made possible by the generous donations made to SEF, and those who have supported our fundraisers throughout the year. 

June 6, 2021

Spring 2021 Award Recipients

We are pleased to share with you photos and details of how funds from our Spring Awards to teachers have been used. The teachers who received funds have kindly reported on the use of those funds in their classrooms. We are thrilled to have been able to help our staff procure materials and supplies that enrich student experiences. These awards are made possible by generous donations from community members and we are so grateful for this constructive partnership. 

Dana Campbell - Light table for literacy & numerics

As the teacher of the district's new Pre-K program I was able to add a light table to my student's educational experience.  Not only does it enhance our science unit on Light but it is also a valuable learning center throughout the school year.  A light table in a Pre-K classroom enhances literacy and numeracy experiences in a fun and playful way.  It is used for play experiences, arts and crafts, science and discovery, and academics.  The soothing glow from the table naturally draws children in and helps them sustain focus for longer periods of time which increases their stamina for learning.

Kelly Crosby - SCERTS manuals

Purchased 3 copies of the SCERTS manuals to assist our two 6:1:1 classroom teachers, related service providers and staff in implementing social communication and emotional regulation assessments into our 6:1 autism program.  A two-volume assessment and intervention system, The SCERTS™ Model provided a framework for assessing and improving communication and social-emotional abilities in students with autism spectrum disorders.

Elizabeth Roth - Gamification learning center

For the last few years I have enjoyed implementing gamification and gamified learning in my classroom. Gamification combines traditional academic topics with elements of games and gaming. The new materials are so helpful in encouraging teamwork, collaboration, and enthusiasm for learning! These new materials are facilitating more hands-on and movement opportunities for students during our class time!

Beth Brooks - AbleNet learning boards

Being a special education teacher at the high school, I see students struggling with the increase in laptop use. Some students have issues with the cramped keyboard. Other students require help with reading and writing. And not all students can learn to type with proficiency. The idea was to get keyboards that are larger and with different color tabs improve speed and accuracy of seeing the tabs. This helped to divide the board and guide the students to the correct keys. Some key boards are white with black letters to resemble a piece of paper. One lights up with white letters. These white letters helped the students visually to locate the letters and numbers more quickly. The students were eager to participate in the experiments in resource room. One previous student came in to say hello and immediately said this would help her so much. She said she could visually see the letters better.

The students were enthusiastic to be involved in something that could possibly help all resource room students. They were willing to use the keyboards in my Big History class as well. The students became curious about other things that could possibly impact their independence with writing. Allowing the students to participate in the shared decision making has boosted their confidence and changed their mindset to “let’s solve the problem” instead of feeling defeated. We are still experimenting and adding other students who are curious. I believe offering these keyboards and discussing what works for them has helped the students understand their own metacognition of how they learn best. The students have advocated for themselves and have to be in the present moment with the task at hand. Hopefully, this will lessen the amount of time staring at laptop screens by improving skills to complete the task in a timely manner. WE are very thankful for this opportunity to purchase these keyboards and explore ways to increase student engagement.

Tracy Zimmerman - Breakout EDU kit

Thank you to the Spencerport Grant Foundation for this grant experience! I was able to send home multiple copies of the book, Simone Biles: Raising the Bar, to use as a guided reading book with my Remote Fifth graders.  We learned about Simone's journey as she overcame childhood struggles and went on to win the most World Championship medals and gold medals by a gymnast ever! 

I read aloud, Hidden Treasures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race.  Students were engaged as some of them have seen the Disney film about these four women. 

I ordered 46 Scholastic books that celebrate, teach about, or have fictional characters that are multi-cultural.  I look forward to reading more of these books with my Remote students this year and, hopefully, in-person students this 2021-2022 school year!

Breakout EDU was a hit with my Remote students!  Even though they were not in school to manipulate the locks and activities, their collaboration "sky-rocketed" with our Apollo challenge!  Breakout EDU is so motivating and educational for students!  They communicate, collaborate, and think critically in real time as they work together to think of codes and combinations that might work to unlock the locks, all based on the facts and clues they have been given.  This Apollo challenge fit in PERFECTLY with our Read Aloud, Hidden Treasures.  My Fourth-Grade Remote students will start their Pathstone unit next week and my Fifth-Grade Remote students are learning about Space as part of our science curriculum.  

Thank you for granting us with these books, subscription, and kit! 

 Colleen Wiggs - Phonics manipulatives

Purchased a phonics manipulative kit through Pioneer Valley Books. This kit supports daily phonics instruction with hands-on engaging materials. The manipulative component provides a creative way to enhance daily phonics which is necessary to develop growth in literacy skills.


Kristan Marsh - Pioneer Study kit

I received The Word Study Kit from Pioneer Valley Books.  This kit is filled with amazing hands-on phonics tools.  My students are able to use mini white boards, ABC magnet kits, and picture sort cards on a daily basis.  I have wanted to order this kit for years, but it was too costly.  Thanks to the Spencerport Education Foundation, my students now have access.  This kit has been so beneficial is supporting my students with their word work.  They have been using it to learn sight words, phonics patterns, and spelling.  I am so thankful for this resource and I know it will benefit Spencerport students for many years!

Nicole Hamelin - Pioneer Study kit

The Pioneer Valley Books word study kit includes a variety of manipulatives and resources that I use to help enrich and enhance my phonics instruction. These materials are hands-on and engaging that support the blended learning model. My consultant students require a creative and innovative way to learning phonics and this kit will allow them to do that. This kit allows me to do the work needed to try and close the gap that my students with disabilities are facing due to the pandemic.

June 1, 2021

Spencerport Education Foundation John Rueping Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually in recognition of long time Spencerport resident John Rueping and his love of engineering. 

Each year, several students are selected to receive this award thanks to the generous donations. Each student will receive a gift of $5,000 toward their college studies in engineering. Students must attend a 4-year institution with an ABET certified engineering program and must complete the first semester of study at college with a minimum 3.0 GPA. 

We acknowledge and appreciate the assistance of the high school's Local Scholarship Committee in assisting us in the selection and administration process. Their partnership is truly indispensable. 

This year's recipients are Ryan Choate, Cameron Domenico, Joshua Gormel, Delila MacLeod, and Kennedy Mueller. Our most hearty congratulations to all five students!

Ryan plans to attend Lehigh University where he will major in Mechanical Engineering. He is a member of the National Honor Society, National Hispanic Honor Society, and Ranger Robotics.  Ryan is also a member of Student Government, the Principal’s Advisory Council, and Math Madness (president).  He is a Scholar Athlete and plays on the Varsity Soccer, Varsity Swimming, and Varsity Golf Teams, and he is a member of the Spencerport Soccer Club.  Ryan works at McDonalds, The Garden Factory, and is a soccer referee. 

Cameron plans to attend Stevens Institute of Technology where he will major in Mechanical Engineering.  He is a member of the National Honor Society, Student Government, Math League, Math Madness, and Ranger Robotics.  Cameron is also a member of Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo, Pit Band, and a founding member of the Brockport Spencerport Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo.  He was a member of the M3 Math Modeling Challenge Team, a Pre-Calculus tutor, and First Chair Tenor Saxophonist for multiple ensembles. Cameron works for Barton’s Parkside Hots as a grill cook. 

Joshua plans to attend Rochester Institute of Technology where he will major in Electrical Engineering.  He is a member of the National Honor Society and Ranger Robotics.  Joshua was a coach for the FIRST Robotics Tech Challenge, a mentor at Robotics Summer Camp, and a teacher of STEM lessons at the elementary schools.  He has participated in Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Friday Jazz Band, Jazz Ensemble, Pep and Marching Bands. Joshua has a 1st Degree Black Belt in Karate and is an assistant instructor.  He has volunteered for Foodlink, the Salvation Army, and Dreams for Drake among others and he is a member of his church’s youth group.  

Delila plans to attend Rochester Institute of Technology where she will major in Chemical Engineering.  She is a member of the National Honor Society, National Hispanic Honors Society, and has earned her Seal of Bi-literacy.  Delila is also a member of Ranger Robotics (lead programmer) and the Varsity Tennis Team.  She plays the flute and piano and performs at places such as churches and nursing homes.  Delila has been a dancer for 12 years, plays  recreational soccer in the summer, and volunteers at church and for Foodlink.  She works in child care supervising children and preparing meals. 

Kennedy plans to attend Rochester Institute of Technology where she will major in Chemical Engineering.  She is a member of the National Honor Society,  Spanish Honor Society, Model UN, and Student Council (secretary).  Kennedy is also a member of Ranger Robotics (FIRST Coordinator), Service Club, Choices, and the Building Planning Team.  She plays on the Varsity Lacrosse and Varsity Golf (captain) Teams.  Kennedy is a distinguished girl scout receiving both the Bronze and Silver Awards.  She has worked as a counselor for the Robotics Summer Camp and also babysits.

April 5, 2021

SEF Announced Spring 2021 Grants

Eight teachers received funding for their applications this spring. Congratulations to Dana Campbell, Kelly Crosby, Elizabeth Roth, Beth Brooks, Tracy Zimmerman, Colleen Wiggs, Kristan Marsh, and Nicole Hamelin. See below for details. We look forward to sharing photos and more information once the materials are in use in the classroom. 

December 7, 2021

SEF Announces Grant Awards

The Spencerport Education Foundation is pleased to announce 10 grant award winners for the 2020-2021 school year which totaled $2,300 in funding. SEF received 17 project applications from district teachers to provide supplemental resources to enrich and enhance student learning.

The grants support district initiatives in the areas of Blended Learning and Wellness while aligning with the SEF’s mission and vision. Awards were selected based of their alignment with SEF goals, SCSD initiatives, and the merits of the application.

To ensure students are prepared for the challenges of the twenty-first century, the Spencerport Education Foundation funds innovative programs and services that supplement and are outside the normal operations of the Spencerport School District. Spencerport Education Foundation awards monies that do the following:

Grant awards are briefly described below with accompanying pictures of the items purchased and being utilized in the classrooms. 

Spring 2020 Grant Awards

Tina Brien – Mobile play therapy kits

Mobile Play Therapy Kit were purchased for the mental health team to use with the children. It has been a helpful tool to use with the students during these stressful times. Play therapy is a structured, theoretically based approach to therapy that builds on the normal communicative and learning processes of children. The curative powers inherent in play are used in many ways. Therapists strategically utilize play therapy to help children express what is troubling them when they do not have the verbal language to express their thoughts and feelings. In play therapy, toys are like the child's words and play is the child's language. Through play, therapists may help children learn more adaptive behaviors when there are emotional or social skills deficits.

Frank Cafarella - Desk bouncy bands

Bouncy bands are rubber bands that extend across the space between the two desk legs and allows the students to place their legs on the band. The students can quietly bounce their feet up and down on the band. The students have an opportunity to move at their desks. Research shows that movement in the learning environment leads to increased brain function and engagement, as well as decreased behavior issues.

Sarah Caiazza – Yoga mats

The yoga mats provide flexible seating options that support the social-emotional learning. The mats support the students’ fine motor and gross motor growth as recommended by Occupational and Physical Therapists. The mats will help supplement and reinforce valuable movement work to support and enhance their academic work.

Sue Chatterton – Soft skills materials

The soft skill materials allow the students to collaborate and communicate which helps support being culturally responsive and social emotional learning. The materials allow students to begin their day with a “soft start” which helps build relationships and reinforces life-long skills such as taking turns, working together, and time management. Students work together to problem solve and engage in creative exploration.

Theresa Dils – Books and supplies

“Dil’s Challenge Day” provides engagement activities for the students.  The students are given challenges, similar to the Minute to Win It game. For example, they had to put fruit loops on a pipe cleaner using their non-dominant hand only. They develop strategies to come up with a way to meet the criteria, while laughing and cheering each other on.

Hannah Hill – Wireless microphone system

Wireless microphones are used to enhance the Drama Club experience by developing student confidence and vocal projection. This helps the students explore and display creative talents, increase confidence and self-esteem, allow opportunities for leadership and involvement, and make live theater accessible to students.

Kimberly McLean - Math marker board activity table

The kidney shape table offers an exclusive place for individualized learning during Blended Learning lessons, especially during mini lessons that are differentiated by groups. The table is also an ideal place for creative and cooperative learning opportunities where students share their mathematical ideas with others.

Ian Milam - Math manipulatives

Hands on 6th grade math materials are used for inquiry based activities. The materials additionally allow students to benefit from and engage in soft start class activities. Students engage and develop social skills that are critical to success like collaboration, planning, goal setting, trial and error, and the overall creativity activities.

Katherine Resch - French and Spanish books

The books are specifically written for language learners with a variety of topics and used for Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) which is a movement within the World Language teaching community. This allows students to choose books they are interested in, and to learn language as they read. Reading exposes learners to vocabulary and structure in context.

Kathy Wilson - Sound field system

The sound field system is used for the Integrated Co-Teaching classroom. The system continually measures the room’s noise level, automatically optimize volume of the loudspeaker, and ensure that speech remains clear while reducing background noise and distractions and assisting students with paying attention, hearing, and understanding the teacher. The sound system provides a better signal-to-noise ratio and improved acoustic environment for listening and learning. This provides a supplemental resource to students with disabilities to assist in addressing their individual learning needs and enhance the listening environment.

July 1, 2020


During the spring of 2020 while the world faced the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, we partnered with the Spencerport Central School District to make a difference for families affected by the pandemic in our own community. By partnering with local restaurants, we provided over 22,000 subsidized low cost dinners to local families while also providing tens of thousands of dollars of much needed support to our local restaurants. This was made possible through the generous support of community members, and local businesses, charities, and community organizations. The outpouring of financial support was inspiring and truly impactful. Thank you to our community partners:

New SEF Sponsors:

Restaurant Meal Partners:

Item Donations:

Fundraising Partner:

See below for various news stories covering the program. 

January 1, 2020

Spring 2020 Awards

Our spring 2020 awards cycle, like so many other parts of our lives, was disrupted by COVID-19. We received many impressive grant applications and our awards committee reviewed them and selected our first SEF award recipients. Recipients received notification of their award just before school was put on hold.  We are in the process of helping staff use their funds, however the process of getting the funds to the teachers and the teachers using those funds to enhance their classroom experiences has obviously been affected.  We anticipate sharing the results of this first awards cycle with you in the fall.