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2024 John Rueping Memorial Scholarship Recipients

SEF is honored to congratulate 5 outstanding Spencerport Seniors who were selected

for these $5,000 awards. The 2024 recipients include:

Nathan Barbeto

 Adriana Brooks

 Logan Enge

 Krisa Geronikos

Natalie Glass

Thank you to all of our donors in the local community - we so appreciate your generosity and support:

James Marasco

Paul Nordquist

Terry & Sue Dingee

Anne Yawman (Nicholas A. Leary)

Carol Muehlbauer

Thomas & Donna Johnston

Henry Vitale

Annette Wiebeld

Bonnie Seaburn

David & Pam Cooper

Spencerport Ladies' Auxiliary

Deborah Fitzmorris

Lawrence Trippodo

Amy Crumb

Isaiah Tolbert

John Kierecki

Ellen Robillard

Todd Martin

Kim Conzola

Matthew Barczys

Kay Coe

J. William Jewelers